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  • Say “donate” “ or even “ “contribute” “ to a cause and people immediately think of their pocketbook or billfold. However, there are many ways in which you can make a contribution to the James H. McBride Arboretum.

    First, of course, is a monetary contribution in any amount. You can make your dollar donation as either a restricted or unrestricted gift. Restricted monies are spent only as you, the donor, specify – on trees or shrubs, on a maintenance program, toward a building project, or even toward a memorial tree or bench. Unrestricted dollars, on the other hand, go into a fund to be spent at the discretion of the board of directors on specific needs or upgrades at the arboretum.

    Another way you can contribute to the arboretum is with your time. Our volunteer programs fulfill many needs at the arboretum – from weeding, to trimming, to pruning trees or eradicating invasive species. Some volunteers help with logistics when large functions take place at the arboretum such as our free outdoor concert in August. Still others like to help host parties at fundraisers for arboretum needs. The success at keeping the arboretum looking its best at all seasons and at of arboretum.

    Other less challenging but equally satisfying contributions can be made by sharing your talents with others. Perhaps you have taught or had experience leading children’s groups in outdoor activities. You could then lead groups of all ages at the arboretum in their investigating nature first hand. Or perhaps you have a special talent that could be shared in a natural setting – showing others how to draw and paint in nature, for instance, or how to photograph outdoors. We could use your ability in introducing others to the joys you experience in these activities. Take stock of your personal store of skills and knowledge with respect to nature and the outdoors, and then let us know what you could contribute to the improvement of other folks in the area.

    A larger contribution that you could make is to become involved in our Friends of the Arboretum group. These dedicated folks help the arboretum thrive in countless ways. They plan, they help raise funds, they help beautify the arboretum in all seasons, they create social events, cultural and artsy happenings, and put on special programs. They help publicize the arboretum and its programs. They adopt a bed or two and help maintain it. So don’t sell yourself short – there is always something that you could do as part of such a group that would contribute to the overall betterment of the arboretum.

    Contact us at Friends of the Arboretum Box 112 Huron Ohio 44839, and then put your skills to work. The camaraderie and memories that you will create working with others will enrich your spirit even as it enriches the arboretum.