Over the years, the arboretum has been the recipient of dozens of benches upon which our visitors may sit to enjoy the beauty of the arboretum. Almost all of these benches have been donated in memory of individuals who were associated either with the BGSU Firelands College, or with the Arboretum Board of Trustees, or simply of folks who enjoyed nature and whose friends wished to celebrate this love with the donation of a bench.

If you wish to locate a particular bench in memory of an individual, you can do so easily. First, click here for the list of donated benches and find the name of your individual and his/her bench number on the left.

Then, click HERE to view a MAP of where all of our donated benches have been placed, and locate the number of the bench for your individual.

If you wish to consider donating a bench in memory of someone, contact us for details as to where we still need good seating in the arboretum, and we can supply you with the details necessary in making your decision. Thank you.